International Games MonthShall We Play a Game?

International Games Month @the Library

Celebrate games of all kinds at the Stephens Central Library in the month of November.

Find out all the different gaming events we have planned...

Digital Magazines

At Your Fingertips

Soups & Stews Magazine CoverDid you know that you have access to over 4000 magazines, 24 hours a day, 7 days week?.

Get started reading your favorite periodicals on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Artificial Intelligence Magazine Cover


Download Libby from your App store for your Android device or your iphone/ipad, or read through the Overdrive website.

Kanopy Recommendation

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Sometimes it's just all too mundane: romances and thrillers are formula, superhero flicks too derivative, horror is old hat. Want something REALLY different, with lots of amazing high-energy action that is deeply philosophical, hilarious while darkly bizarre, and a profoundly moving meditation on family ALL AT ONCE?

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a mind-blowing psychedelic trip filled with (awesome) sensory overload. It was nominated for 11 Oscars and won 7 of them, including Best Picture.

Watch this movie and many other great titles with your library account on Kanopy.

Libby Recommendation

Midnight Is The Darkest Hour

Midnight Is The Darkest Hour book coverMidnight is the Darkest Hour, a twisted tale of murder, obsessive love, and the beastly urges lying dormant in us all.

Librarian Ruth Cornier has always felt like an outsider in her small hometown of Bottom Springs, Louisiana. The townspeople have a fear even greater than the brimstone warnings from Ruth's father, the preacher of Holy Fire Baptist Church.

The myth of the Low Man, a vampiric figure that steals into sinners' bedrooms and kills them on moonless nights, haunts the region. When a skull is found in the swamp near mysterious carved symbols, it sends the town into an uproar. Ruth now realizes that she and Everett, an old friend with a dark past, are the only ones that can search out the true evil lying in the town's underbelly.

Read this thriller as an eaudiobook, with no wait time (an ebook version is also available, wait time may apply). Discover great books in Overdrive and Libby.

Friends of the Library logoFriends of the Library

The Friends of the Library provides invaluable assistance to the library in its programs, services, and projects.

Find out more about the Friends, how you can join, and how to help out by volunteering.

Helen's Bistro and Bakery logoHelen's Bistro & Bakery

Helen's Bistro & Bakery Chapter 2, located at Stephens Central Library, serves freshly baked pies, cakes & pastries, as well as soups, sandwiches, and salads.

Monday - Friday: 8am-4pm.

325-212-8255 FMI or to place an order.