Important Information

Important Note: Patrons who have gone more than 6 months without using a piece of equipment that requires certification will need to be re-certified.

If you have been certified for using a piece of equipment (e.g. long arm quilting machine, laser cutter, embroidery machine) in the past and have not completed a reservation in more than 6 months, please speak to a STEAM Central staff member about being re-certified. We will be checking each reservation to make sure patrons are refreshed and comfortable with the equipment; patrons who do not meet this requirement may have their appointments canceled/rescheduled until they can re-certify.


Online Certification Information

Equipment certification classes now feature an online component. The online component of each class will provide text, image, and video tutorials on the basics of using the equipment, provided through our NicheAcademy service. This is a pre-requisite to the hands-on practice session, and can be completed from home in your own time. You can find the online certification classes in the Reservations list below, under the category "STEAM - Online Classes".

If you have any questions about our new certification class policies, please email or call 325-655-7321 and ask for STEAM Central staff.

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